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Attorney Rina Traub

Agency Investigations and Hearings


New Jersey has myriad government agencies and regulations which are relevant to New Jersey’s professional workforce and New Jersey business owners. Professionals, including doctors, nurses, home health aides, lawyers, accountants, and many others, are licensed by the State of New Jersey. These licensing and oversight agencies have the authority to issue disciplinary notices, investigate consumer complaints, and withhold or revoke professional licenses. Business owners in New Jersey are subject to agency actions in many ways, including with respect to licensing, taxation, employee benefits, and wage and hour law compliance.

Traub Law has experience in representing both professional employees and business owners in a wide variety of agency investigations and hearings. We provide our clients with the honest advice and effective advocacy they deserve. If you or your business has received an investigation or hearing notice from an agency of the State of New Jersey, do not hestitate to contact us.