Discredited UMDNJ Dean Alleges Racism in Lawsuit

William Wallace, former Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, has filed a lawsuit against the University claiming he was fired in June 2006 for exposing racist hiring practices. Mr. Wallace was terminated by the University after federal monitor Judge Herbert Stern determined that Mr. Wallace abused his position as second in command at UMDNJ’s School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford in myriad ways, including getting subordinates to submit expenses for him, devoting a “significant” amount of university time and resources to his political jobs, and giving a no-bid catering contract to a friend in exchange for free meals. The monitor also concluded that Mr. Wallace used his influence to try to get his daughter into medical school without the required essays or test.

I find it noteworthy that Mr. Wallace waited until the very end of his two year statute of limitations to bring this case. To me, that means he had a very hard time finding an attorney who would take his case. If you have a hard time finding an attorney to take your case, it generally means you don’t have a good case.

I cannot personally comment on the merits of Mr. Wallace’s claims; however, I can vouch for the thoroughness and precision of the Federal Monitor’s team of investigators and attorneys. If they say you’re guilty, you’re guilty. I will also say that frivolous discrimination lawsuits not only waste taxpayer money, but hurt the real victims of discrimination and retaliation, who juries paint with the same brush as the fakers. Perhaps Mr. Wallace should have left well enough alone.