EEOC Obtains $2.2 Million Settlement for Sexual Harassment and Racial Discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission obtained a $2.2 million settlement today from the landmark New York City restaurant, Tavern on the Green. The EEOC’s lawsuit, filed in September 2007, alleged that the restaurant engaged in sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and retaliation against workers who complained about these unlawful conditions. At the time the lawsuit was filed, Tavern on the Green’s attorney told the press that “the restaurant conducted a thorough investigation of the allegations when they were first made some time ago and found them “entirely devoid of merit.’” That must have been some great “investigation,” huh?

Congratulations to the EEOC for its significant victory. And a big “boo” to Tavern on the Green for harassing, discriminating against, and retaliating against its employees . . . and then claiming that the victims of this conduct were lying. I hope this major settlement sends a message to other corporate wrongdoers that they cannot hide their heads in the sand when their managers and supervisors harass, discriminate, and retaliate against their subordinates. Wake up and smell the litigation.