Employer Fails to Remove Racist Graffiti from the Workplace

According to employees of an Illinois warehouse operated by Schenker Logistics, their company has not done enough to remove racist graffiti, including swastikas and the letters KKK, from the company’s premises. The employees have now filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Said one employee, Angela McDonald, “I don’t want to have go to work and see this person that’s hateful.” She previously complained to management about an employee that had a Confederate flag on his truck. The company has done nothing, she claims.

The lawyer for the employees said that “there is racist graffiti all over the break rooms and the washrooms and the company is doing nothing about it.”

While a company cannot be expected to monitor its employees every moment while they are at work, employers have a responsibility to act promptly, decisively, and effectively when acts of harassment and discrimination occur. Not only should the company have removed the racist, hateful graffiti immediately, it should have instituted mandatory anti-harassment training for all its employees.