Jersey City Sued for Sexual Harassment Again

The Jersey City Parking Authority and two of its employees are being sued again for sexual harassment, bringing the total number of cases involving the same employee-defendants to three. Earlier this year, former JCPA employee Nancy Lopez settled her sexual harassment claim against the Authority, its Director of Enforcement, Fernando Picariello, and Enforcement Officer Raymond Manzo. The new lawsuits, filed by Yolanda Miranda, a former JCPA employee, and Rosalie Laureano, a current employee, allege that they were sexually harassed and suffered retaliation in connection with the Lopez lawsuit.

Miranda claims in her lawsuit that Manzo touched her breasts and buttocks, and attempted to assault her in her home. Laureano alleges in her lawsuit that after she participated in an internal investigation into Picariello’s conduct, he changed her schedule to deprive her of income and engaged in “physical and verbal coercion, threats and intimidation, and micro-managing.” She also claims that Picariello and Manzo made references to her buttocks and suggested in her presence that they would like to have sex with her.

In my experience, when there is this much smoke, there is usually fire. It’s exceedingly rare for an employee to accuse her supervisors of sexual harassment. In these cases, three separate women all accuse the same men of the same types of illegal behavior. I don’t think any rational jury would find that the Authority acted properly in these cases.