Kennel Owner Settles Sexual Harassment Case

The New Jersey Division on Civil Rights has announced that it has successfully resolved a sexual harassment case brought by a female employee of a South Jersey kennel facility. The employee complained to the DCR that her boss, the owner of Golden Grange kennel, engaged in inappropriate sexual comments, sexual innuendo and sexual overtures during the course of her employment. For example, he allegedly made comments about a coworker’s breast size and discussed vulgar terms in the workplace. According to the complainant, the conduct escalated when the owner asked her to “sleep over” and told her that he could “make her feel like a woman.” When the employee rebuffed his advances, the boss called her a “tease” and a “prude.”

The DCR was able to get this employee $20,000 in settlement of her claims. On first blush, this does not seem like a lot of money. But, to be fair, there may have been other factors leading to the relatively small settlement amount. In general, however, I encourage people who have potential discrimination claims to speak to a competent employment attorney before filing their complaints with the Division on Civil Rights. Practitioners like the attorneys of Traub Law can help you maximize the value of your case.