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Wage and Hour Claims

Wage and Hour Claims

The New Jersey Wage and Hour Law and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act set forth minimum requirements for the payment of wages, including salary, commissions, vacation time, and certain bonuses. These laws guarantee, among other things, that employers pay the minimum wage, that the wages be paid on regular paydays, and that the wages be paid in full. Disputes often arise when an employer either pays an employee late, or pays them a reduced amount, or not at all. The fact that “business is slow” is not a legitimate excuse for wages to be wrongfully withheld.

Some employers engage in “misclassification” of job titles to avoid paying overtime compensation. For example, an employer may give an employee the title of “manager” and a salary, but assign him or her job duties that are clerical or hourly in nature.

Traub Law has significant experience in representing both employees and employers in wage collection actions and administrative investigations before the New Jersey Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Labor, and in state and federal courts. Please contact us for further information.

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