Experienced Legal Advocacy For Employment Law Matters

Trusted Experience In The Corporate World And Employment Law

I am attorney Rina Traub, owner and manager of Traub Law. For more than 30 years, I’ve been practicing law in corporate America and offering experienced and skilled employment law representation to clients throughout New Jersey. From my early career days as a corporate employee benefits/tax lawyer, I have seen how important it is for both employees and companies to have skilled legal representation from attorneys who are invested in their clients’ success.

Now in practice for myself, I continue to offer compassionate advocacy to clients on both sides of employment law matters. To learn more about my background and credentials, simply follow the link below:

A Broad Perspective Cultivated Through Diverse Representation

The corporate world is often seen as a zero-sum game. Someone has to lose for another person to win. But disputes and disagreements do not always need to end this way. In my three decades of work as an employment law lawyer, I have represented individual workers at all wage levels and positions with issues like workplace discrimination and wrongful termination. I help executives through their compensation negotiations. I have represented business owners and corporations. Working with a diverse clientele has given me a perspective that few others have.

I can often find negotiated solutions based on shared interests that allow both sides to benefit. And even in cases where I can’t find common ground, my knowledge of the opposing party’s viewpoints allows me to better represent my clients’ interests in negotiations or litigation.

How Can I Help You? Contact Me To Learn More.

My firm has two convenient office locations in Princeton and East Brunswick. From my offices, I am able to represent clients located in Mercer County and throughout New Jersey. I also offer remote, Zoom or telephonic conferences where it is inconvenient for clients to come to my office. To learn more about how I can help you during an initial consultation, call me at 609-318-9053 or send me an email.