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A Law Firm Advocating For The Interests Of Executives And The Companies They Lead

Any mid- to large-size business is necessarily complex. It could not function well – let alone grow – without the experienced and thoughtful leadership of executives within the company. With this in mind, it is critical for companies to offer the types of benefits and compensation that will attract and retain skilled leaders. Conversely, executives seeking such positions need to understand their value and advocate for commensurate compensation packages.

My name is Rina Traub, an employment law attorney with more than 30 years of experience. My firm, Traub Law, is available to advise both executives and companies on issues related to company leadership, including the drafting and negotiation of executive compensation offers and severance packages.

Representing And Advising Executives

You’ve worked very hard to get where you are today, but you cannot expect to command the salary and benefits you deserve without advocating on your own behalf. Two of the most critical periods of negotiation are the beginning and end of your employment with the company you run.

As your attorney, my job will be to help you review compensation and benefits offers as well as any contract provisions that could limit your future opportunities (noncompete agreements, etc.) to determine if signing is a good idea. I can perform similar reviews as you prepare to leave a company and are being offered a severance package. If negotiation is an option in either scenario, I am ready to advise and directly represent you in these important talks.

Protecting Company Interests And Attracting Top Talent

Companies have to balance competing interests of attracting top executives while keeping compensation costs reasonable and protecting the business during times of leadership transition. I can work with your company to research and prepare executive compensation packages, and negotiate details with potential candidates. When an executive is leaving the company, I will help you craft a severance package that protects the company from liability and restrains the outgoing executive from taking actions that might leak sensitive information, unfairly aid competitors or otherwise harm the business.

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Traub Law serves individuals and businesses throughout Mercer County and New Jersey. To arrange your initial consultation with me, call my Princeton or East Brunswick office at 609-318-9053. You can also fill out my online contact form.