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Noncompete Agreements

What Employees Should Know About Noncompete Agreements

The ability to change employers to seek better opportunities and career advancement within your chosen field or profession is a right that many New Jersey executives and professionals take for granted. What do you do if your employer has restricted your job mobility with a noncompete agreement?

When potential clients contact Traub Law, I often get asked the same questions about noncompete agreements. Examples include:

  • Will I get sued by my employer for changing jobs when all I’m trying to do is provide a better future for my family?
  • Do I really have to stay “on the bench” for a year or more while valuable clients, customers and contacts go elsewhere?
  • This agreement seems unreasonable or too broad. Is it even enforceable?

The answers to these questions will depend on the specific language of the agreement and other details about the employer-employee relationship. There is no substitute for case-specific advice, so please contact my office for a consultation.

Timely Attorney Review Is Highly Important

As with other contracts, the best time to discuss and negotiate the terms of your noncompete agreement is at the outset of the employment relationship. If you have been presented with a noncompete agreement by your employer, do not be afraid to ask for a period of attorney review in order to get the advice and counsel you need to make an informed decision.

If you have already signed your noncompete agreement, you need to fully understand your duties and obligations. The time to think about the ramifications of your noncompete agreement is before you leave your current employer, not after. Legal problems can be avoided if you plan your exit from your current employer carefully. I will review your noncompete agreement, give you the thoughtful, considered advice you need to make an informed decision and help you craft your exit strategy in a way that will avoid noncompete litigation. I also assist executives with severance package negotiations.

What If A Lawsuit Cannot Be Avoided?

If you have been served with a noncompete lawsuit, you must act very quickly to secure a seasoned, aggressive and determined attorney to defend you. There are many valid defenses to noncompete lawsuits that can be raised by an experienced New Jersey noncompete agreement attorney. I have successfully defended New Jersey executive and professionals in noncompete litigation and will provide you with the aggressive courtroom representation you need.

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