Department of Labor Audits

Department of Labor Audits
The New Jersey Department of Labor and the United States Department of Labor will commonly perform random audits/inspections of employers, of all sizes, in order to ensure compliance with wage and hour laws, unemployment insurance laws, and to ensure proper classification of workers to determine whether employees are being provided with the necessary and required overtime pay, minimum wage, workers compensation insurance and other compensation.

Traub Law can help employers prepare properly for a Department of Labor audit so that employers can address all of the Department’s questions and provide them with the necessary information so that there are no future audits or any penalties assessed against the owners or businesses.  Our firm will analyze the employer’s documents and information to ensure that the business provides only what is necessary to successfully complete the audit and minimize potential audit liability.  Once the audit/inspection is complete, Traub Law will work with the employer to ensure that they will be prepared if and when the Department of Labor auditors return.

In order to properly prepare for a Department of Labor audit, we highly recommend that you retain a New Jersey Department of Labor audit attorney to assist you. Depending on the case, we will prepare a short and concise statement regarding the allegations that were made, demonstrate that the allegations are false or show everything that has been done by the company to address the alleged violations.

Depending on the case, we will provide the Department of Labor with an analysis of the various regulations and show how the company has complied with the laws and regulations.  In the event that errors have been made, or rules overlooked by the company, we can create a plan for your business to become compliant with the New Jersey and United States Department of Labor rules and regulations.

Our New Jersey Department of Labor audit attorneys will meet with you and your company to discuss the issues that have been raised by the Department of Labor.  Often times a Department of Labor audit begins with an employee complaining regarding the workplace and the conditions, instead of just a random audit.  From this complaint the Department of Labor will audit all of the employees to see if it is an isolated incident or whether there is a bigger issue with the employer that must be addressed.  We will review all of the payroll records, policies, interview employees, provide certifications, etc.  This will allow us to demonstrate to the Department of Labor that the allegations made by this former employee are not accurate and this it is not a widespread issue involving other employees or general pay practices.

Please contact us, your New Jersey Department of Labor audit attorneys,  to discuss your company’s situation in more detail so that we can assist you with your New Jersey Department of Labor audit or your United States Department of Labor audit.

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