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Am I suffering from wage theft?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Wage And Hour Claims

We all work hard to earn our paychecks, which is why it is so important that we receive our full amount of pay. Unfortunately, employers across the country still commit wage theft every year. Millions of people suffer from wage theft every year, but when this theft can happen in different ways, how can you be sure if you are a victim of theft?

Examples of wage theft

While wage theft takes money out of your pocket, the act itself is often something that you never see happen. Wage theft can occur through intentional action or by accident. In either case, it is still unacceptable. Common examples of wage theft include:

  • Not paying employees the minimum wage
  • Not paying employees for the time they work
  • Not paying overtime wages
  • Moving overtime hours to the next pay period to avoid paying overtime wages
  • Only paying for a portion of the hours and employee worked
  • Not giving an employee their last paycheck after they leave their job
  • Not providing an employee with meal or rest breaks
  • Withholding tips

Employers do have the right to create a tip pool, but the pool must payout to all hourly workers who receive the minimum wage, and they cannot keep tips for their company or themselves.

Keep your money where it belongs

If you suspect your employer is tampering with your hours or committing other forms of wage theft, consult with an employment law attorney immediately. Their guidance can help you keep your assets in your wallet and keep others from tampering with the money you worked so hard to earn.