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Harassment at remote workplaces in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Discrimination And Harassment

Every employee in New Jersey has the right to work in a safe environment free from discrimination and harassment, whether working remotely or on a job site. Surprisingly, as more people transition to remote working, there has been an increase in workplace harassment and discrimination toward employees. Read on to find out more about this and what you can do about it.

Rise in workplace harassment in remote workplaces

A report published in The New York Times showed an increase in workplace discrimination and harassment toward employees working from home. Out of the 3,000 employees surveyed, 25% experienced gender-based harassment, 10% were discriminated against based on ethnicity and race, and 23% of older employees faced age-related abuse.

Types of remote workplace harassment

On-the-job harassment may be subtle or overt. Common forms include:

  • Use of unprofessional language when addressing another employee – Any obscene or unprofessional language should not be used when communicating with other employees. This type of harassment can also affect other family members of the employee if they are nearby.
  • Inappropriate comments on someone’s appearance – Any remarks or gestures that are directed towards a worker’s appearance that make them feel uncomfortable should be reported immediately.
  • Unseemly text messages, phone calls, pictures or jokes directed toward an employee – Working from home must also employ similar professionalism as when working within the company. Therefore, any comment that is out of place is considered harassment.
  • Not being included in a conversation – Every employee must be included in a conversation, especially if it involves them in any way. Failure to communicate with some employees is a form of discrimination.
  • Persistent request for video calls, even during odd hours – This also applies when someone indulges in improper behavior during a video call.

How the law can help

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination protects you against any form of harassment or discrimination at the workplace. If you feel like the HR department or management isn’t doing what’s necessary to stop harassment and discrimination, you should consider consulting an attorney in New Jersey to assist you.